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Kenya Sends Officials To Uganda For Expertise In Regulating Oil Industry

Nganga revealed that that the objective of the Kenyan Government is set to put up a regulatory institution with structures, business processes, operating procedures and relevant job profiles.

Kenya has sent a delegation to Uganda for benchmarking in its quest to create a new regulator of the oil and gas industry.

A new law, The Petroleum Act 2019, creates a Petroleum Regulatory Authority to monitor and regulate the exploration, development and production, together with the refining, gas conversion, transportation and storage of petroleum, akin to the Petroleum Authority Uganda  (PAU) and National Oil Company (UNOC).

PAU, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) and UNOC hosted a Kenya delegation from the Ministry of Petroleum and Mines for a two-day summit last week. led by James Ng’ang’a, the Ag. Secretary Petroleum.

“Uganda’s collaboration with our Kenya counterparts in the oil and gas sector dates to the 1990s when both countries were acquiring data to promote the sector in the region. It is important to keep up the momentum to collaborate and learn from each other’s achievements”, said Robert Kasande, Permanent Secretary, MEMD, Uganda.

Nganga said Kenya’s prospective regulatory authority should comprise of structures, business processes, operating procedures and relevant job profiles.

“It is in this regard and recognition of the efforts of the Government of Uganda towards the successful establishment and operationalisation of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda that we are here to learn from you how we can as well set up a similar institution,” said Ng’ang’a said.

PAU’s Executive Director Ernest Rubondo said Kenya needs clearly define the roles and objectives of the regulatory institution.

“Different countries have different models of institutional set up for the oil and gas sector; therefore, the objective must be clear from the start. This will guide the selection of the personnel to run the Authority, which must be aligned to your objectives, thorough and based on expertise, experience and merit,” said Rubondo.